(1) In V.S. 1971 resident of the village, and widow of Shah Mulji Punja, The Virabai and her relatives resident of Nani Khakhar, Shah Ganpat Pasu have donated 25,000 Koris (At that time currency of Kutch ) for the building of Mahajanwadi but priorly it was used as school building. Up to the date the building standing in very much sound condition. For the fund of Educational Administration resident of the village Shah Monji Dharshi had donated Rs.7500 to the Mahajan and Mahajan had collected Rs. 12,500 for the purpose, since then the school known by the name of Shah Monji Dharshi Pathshala.

(2) In V.S. 2009 on Monday the 9th day of Hindu month Chaitra, and on 23.3.1953, near the old grounded water tank for the birds and animals, a public bath room for Hindus was constructed and the donor was Shah Bhavanji Tola. Apart from the facility in V.S. 2015 and on 29th October 1959 Bhavanji bhai has constructed one big round bench of cement for the rest of travelers passing through. The bench was situated around a banyan tree, eg(VAD).

(3) Graduatly, in the society hunger of education is increased. Girls education also spreaded. Resultedly the old school buildings became small against the necessity. Looking to that, Mahajan of the village in Samvat 2017, in the west corner , eastern side of the lake, the face seeing of the village, a new building had constructed. In the building there were two parts, one is Pathshala and second was Girls school. The name of Pathshala is “Shah Monshi Dharshi Pathshala” and Girls school named after “Shah Ramji Ladhabhai Kanyashalo”. To promote the girls education Shah Ramji Ladhabhai had donated Rs.7501/- to the Girls School.

After taking primary education in the Pathshala and Girls school many students have completed their further higher education and become Doctor, Advocate, Engineer and are ahead in their profession

(4) In V.S. 2027, sons of Shah Premji Dharamshi Gala had donated in the memories of their mother and constructed a modern Bus stand, Water house, which are situated in the North-West sides of the Navinar. Bus stand is named as “Lt. Makabai Premji Dharamshi Gala”. This bus stand is very good shelter for the comuters and the water house as well.

(5) In the V.S. 2028, on the very auspicious day, Vijya Dashami, sons of Shah Premji Dharamshi Gala have handed over to Mahajan a Dhobighat constructed in the west corner of village and near the lake and Bus stand. It is also named after their mother and an the main entrance of the Dhobighat one can see the board of “Lt. Makabai Premji Dharamshi Gala Dhobighat”. The Ghat is only for ladies. The ladies of the village were waiting since long for the facility. It became very blessing place. But todays time of sputnik now there is dier need of electric motor an the dhobighat which make able the ladies get water easily by tapes. By their own blessings the dream also will come true.

(6) In the V.S. 2025, repair work of Shri Aath Koti Moti Paksh Sthanak took place and the Vyakhyan Hall is redressed. For this new hall sons of shah Tokershi Pancharia have donated Rs. 10,000/- and the hall is named as “Matushri Megbai Tokershi Vora Vyakhyan Hall”.

(7) It is very much necessary to have library in the village in adition to school. There is a hall with the school building for the purpose. To maintain library and for books, sons of Shah Bhavanji Bharmal have donated Rs. 25,000/- and Rs. 75,000/-. And It is names as “Shah Bhavanji Bharmal Pustakalaya and Vanchanalaya”. It runs today even.

(8) In V. S. 2033, sons of Shah Tokershi Pancharia have got fixed a electric motor on the well and made easier to get water by taps and the facility handed Over to mahajan. It is named after “Lt. Shri Tokershi Pancharia Varigriha” still today it is very much useful for the ladies. They can fetch the water easily now.

(9) In V.S. 2033 in the south direction of the (tree) Vad, sons of Shri Tokershi Pancharia have got constructed a water house for animals and handed over to mahajan. It is named as “Lt. Shrii Tokershi Pancharia Pashuvari Griha”.

(10) In V.S. 1964, in the west side of the village near the latia Shah Momaya Meghraj had got constructed a “Chabutaro” for birds. Land was donated by Jadejas for the purpose. In V. S. 2033 it was renovated by Shri Girish Premji Gala. In the building, at the ground floor there is General Dispensary, Mahila Udhyog Griha, a place for keeping grains for birds and on the terrace there is chabutaro for the birds. Today we can see the name “Lt. Shri Manji Premji Dharamshi Gala Sarvajanik Davakhana” on the dispensary and “Shah Premji Dharamshi Gala Mahila Udhyog Griha” an mahila udhyog griha and to the room where grains keeping is named as “Lt. Shri Devji Haja Vora Chan Bhandar”. On the entrance of this new building Ashapalavs are planted and colourful flower plants also looks on.

(11) In the south side of the village, in V.S. 2034, Jeshar community of the village, people from mahajan and other people jointly and collectively got constructed a new place for Jeshallpir Dada. Every year on Kartik Purnima, people performs poojan , kirtan, bhajan and enjoys fair.

(12) In V.S. 2034, sons of Shah Kunvarji Ravji Bhoja have constructed a building for ‘Ayambil’ and handed it over to the Jain Sangh of the mahajan. It is named as “Shah Kunverji Ravji Bhoja Ayambil Khatu”.

(13) In V. S. 2034, sons of Shah Meghji Monji Bharmal have got built a building for Bhojanshala and handed over to Jain Sangh of the mahajan. It is named as “Lt. Megji Monji Bharmal Bhojanalaya”.

The family members of Shah Ratanshi Hemraj have handed over this place to Shri Navinar Sthanakvasi Aath Koti Moti Paksha. Now within short period, the Ayambil khatu and Bhojanalaya will be given new touch by Navinar Jain Sangh.

They are trying their best to provide facility for giving two time Bhojan to the incapable people of Mahajan.

(14) In the centre of village there is a place where Shri Navinar Jain Mahajan keeps property like utensils. Originally the place was belongs to Shah Teju Thavar. He has donated the place for the specific purpose. In his memory and honour on particular day of the year, village observes Pankhi (Bandh). Shree Teju Thavar was father in law of great donor of the village Shri Premji Dharamshi Gala.

(15) By the sons of Shri Tokershi Pancharia, a Butter milk centre (chas Kendrs) is started since last 3 years for all the communities. It become very helpful to the poor people of the village.

(16) In V. S. 2018, Lt. Shah Devraj Jetha has donated a Varandah for school to the mahajan. It was sold in Rs. 6000/- and amount used in the construction of school buildings.

(17) In V.S. 2033, Shri Premji Khiyashi had renovated the ‘Shri Shantinathji Jain Derasar’ in the memories of Father, Mother, Brother and Sister in law (Bhabhi) at the time of renovation he had donated his property, in the honour of the donation. Shri Girnarji Tirthpat of the Derasar is named after them by Shri Moortipujah Jain Sangh.

(18) In V.S. 2023, on the event of Shatabdi Mahotshav of Shri Shantinathji Derasar, Shri Ramji Shivji Vora and his family members have donated Rs.3001/- for Shri Shetrunjay Mahatirthpat in the Derasar.