Kutch is exploring in the world just like free sailing fish in ocean. Kutchi people ( kutchi madu ) seems to be spreaded around the world. Even staying at the core of the world , a kutchi keeps his native place Kutch always in his heart. One can see Dashing ness and generousity in each and every Kutchi.

Kutch is surrounded by water. It is very much habitual of natural hazards which made every Kutchimen strong and habitual to face any dem crices. Kutch is seems Sailing in Arebiean sea lik a tortoise. Actually Kutch is bay which surrounded by arebiean sea & ran of kutch .Surroundings Sounds & it is like alone & Speech less saint. Wind Passes by Thor ,Bor and Baval, The throned trees and creats a harmonious music to hear. It spreads songs of love to the mother land & massage of bravery in the world the land has a special qualities, known as Khamir and Khumari which one can find in each and every kutchi who borned in kutch.

On this unique & strong land like Kutch ther exists a small and historical village, Navinar near the Arabian sea the name of village Navinar also having two stories. One is in the bay of Kutch near the village there is rock and to show this obstaclein sea , constructed a light house( Diva Dandi) and by the side of it a unconstructed canal was passed through, the locals resident named it ‘Navinal’ name of village. Navinar is said to have symbolic name of that canal ‘Navinal’.

There is also another story regarding the naming ‘Navinar’ of the village. Aproximately 250 years ago, the village was just near to the crematorium. At that time major population in the village was of Muslim Barbar (In Kutchi we call ‘Nai’) Due to the major population of ‘Nai’ the village was known as ‘Nainar’ and by the time it begins to pronounce as ‘Navinar’.

In the ancient time Navinar was a port and all the transportations based on ships. Though Mundra also a port but ships prepared to anchor at the coast of ‘Navinar’ port. Goods were unloaded here. Then the goods brought to Dandevari where one has to pay octroi on the goods brought, we term the octroi as ‘Dand’ in Kutchi thats why the place was known as ‘Dandevari’ at present there is only a Lord Shiva’s temple is there which is known as ‘Daneshwar Mahadev’. Even today every year on Gokul Ashtami a religious fair is held. After paying octroi at Dandevari the goods brought to Madi village (though, today there is not any sign of that village) which was on the way from Deshalpur and Gelada. There were so called warehouses and goods were being kept there, before delivering it in Kanthi Panthak. In Vikram Samvat 1763 Ajaji Jadeja was king and his Administrators were not good enough towards population, people lived in fear and as far as Madi village is concern due to the harrasement people migrated to other villages, and Madi village turned into the desert.

As we know navinar was considered as an important part it was also marked in the map as well. Time turned. There was a river in the east side of the village Navinar, which was known by the name as ‘Prasala’. Unfortunately it has changed its direction and it made Navinar lesser important port, now ships began to anchored at Mundra port, and slowly Navinar remained no port. Even today we can see the Light House constructed on the bank of Prasala river.

In the early time of Independent India, to recommend major port at west coast, Indian Government has constituted a ‘west cost major port committee’. The committee had considered Navinar before declaring the name of Kandla, to be developed as a major port.

The village Navinar is said to incorporate before 250 years. Old Navinar was situated in the southside of the crematorium, is existed even today. Today’s Navinar village has history of 200 year. In the place of old Navinar, if we deeply dig, can be unearthed.

In the south side of the village there was possibility explored of oil in the earth, but unfortunately it was not so.

In July 1973 Indian Government had published an “Electric Reference Bulletin - India”, it was stated that, in Gujarat state, central Government wanted to install an Atomic Power Station. For the purpose three places, Mahura, Jamnagar and Navinar were identified, but out of three the name of Mahura was Finally considered. Navinar lost second chance for development. It is also heard that in the south corner of surrounding Navinar village there is vast chances to get lignite, but possibility remain as it where, no work in that direction has been done yet. The villagers are waiting for the golden raises for their economical development.

Villagers have not left their village on fortune only. The leaders of the village are seriously thinking that how the cottage industries and small scale industries can be started ! Within short time women of the village will be self employed by cottage industries like making Papad and Khakhra. It will be implimented soon. As far as Geographical and Archaeology point of view the village Navinar has great importance, but political and other point of view perhaps it is far behind………!