Our forefathers migrated from Sindh. After leaving Sindh they came Visnagar. At Visnagar they have started the business of finance, which in our community traditionally terms as ‘Vorayo’.

‘Vorayo’ means finance business. Due to this business we are known as Vora. (Those who were in the business of ‘Vorayo’ they established as Vora).

In V.S. 1540, in Udhad Village of Vagad first time they called as Vora. That time they have dug there 140 wells but water came out is salty so, they have poured sugar in bulks the wells and made the water sweet. From the event they known as Mithadia Vora. Due to dirty politics they went to Sindh but there also some clashes raised by Hamir Sumara and the Mithadia Vora left Sindh for Bhadreshwar they reached there in V. S. 1650. from the time they started to recognize as Kutch Mahajan. Son of Asu Vira, Jivio left Bhadreshwar and come to Navinar in V.S. 1701 and grabed some land. Jivia had three sons. Name of second one was Narad. Till the date his heirs are living in Navinar. Remaining two of one had gone to Naranpar vandi in district and Jamnagar. At present population of Vora are seen at Naranpar, Vandi and Jamnagar. Apart from these three villages if the vora people staying in other villages, due to their relatives, it is only the reason they preferred to stay in other villages.

Our forefathers came along with our Kuldevi Godess Ambhai Mataji, When they came from Visnagar. When the Narad Bapa came Navinar then official incorporation of Kuldevi took place.

Ours particulars are : surname – Vora, Gacha – Tapogacha, Gautra – Nokh, Vansha – Chavda and Devi – Chamunda Devi, Ma Ashapuri. When Our forefathers went Bhadreshwar, they have begged from Ashapura Devi and it is said that it was fulfilled, from that day, the wedding tie (cheda chedi) of the newly wedded couple is unties evert year on the 8th day of Hindu month chaitra sud, infront of Ashapura Mataji. Not only that but Pahedi of the Devi of birth occasion is also held on the same day. In Bhadreshwar, there is a Murtee of Kuldevi Ambhai Mataji situated in the right side of Ma Ashapura’s Murtee.

As earlier it is indicated that, out of seven sons of Narad, four went to other villages and three had preferred to reside in Navinar. Two out of three have no child so their Vansh ended there. In the Vansh of remaining one has got a son named Dahyo. The Dahyo got five sons of which one had no child. Vansh of remaining four sons of Dahyo still continue in Navinar. The son , named Narpat is the youngest of all. In this Vansh there were seven sons 1) Khimo, 2) Mekan , 3) Momayo , 4) Jetho , 5) Napo , 6) Viro and 7) Narshi.

Like this way, Vora community spreaded in Navinar village and as per census of V.S. 2034, in Navinar there were 233 families and were staying with the population 936.

At present in Kutch, Saurashtra and Gujarat, Vora Surname is devided in four sub branches like 1) mithadia Vora 2)VichiVora 3)Munivar Vora and 4)Bagad Vora.

As per the census book prepared by shri K.V.O. Jain Gyati named ‘Gyati Darshan’ in the V.S. 2022, it is indicated that, people having Vora surname staying in various Talukas of Kutch where as, in Abdasa 764, Mandvi 748, Mundra 1695 and in Vagad there were only 32. In major amount in Navinar there were 793 and on secondly at Bidada 378. Apart from Kutch Vora Community is spreaded in saurashtra and remaining Gujrat too.

In ancient time , the Bhatt community was keeping the record of each and every vora family but gradually the Bhatt community it self is disappeared and no communication or contact with any of them. As they could not able to earn sufficient they might have migrated elsewhere. So, all the fraternity of Vora is here by requested that, if you can be fortunate enough to meet any one of the Bhatt or can get history of Vora community, please on to us, it will be easier for us to investigate in more details of Vora surname.