Navinar Darshan
Gujarat is in the western side of India, Kutch is one of the districts of the Gujarat state and in Kutch at the south side, in the Kanthi Pathak, in Mundra Taluka, at the coast of Arabian sea there exists Navinar Village. Its on 22.50 Latitude and 70 longitude in the map.

At the North side Navinar is connected with Zarpara village which is totally covered by greenery. In north-east, there is like a central point of State Road Transport Services in Taluka and that is Bhujpur, in the North corner of navinar ther is Deshalpur(Kanthi) village, in north-west MotiKhakhar, in west side Siracha and Kandagara villages and some kilometers far in south there is Arabian sea. In east Mundra town, a Taluka place, some kilometers far in west there lies Mandavi, in North it is connected with Bhuj, Gandhidham and Kandala port.

Navinar village is gifted to prince Rayabji by his father and that time King of Kutch Maharao Shri Godji by an agreement, but Rayabji had preferred to stay Kandagara instead of Navinar . Rayabji had a son named Sagaramji and Sagramji became father of Nathuji, son of Nathuji, Shri Rayabji alias Bavaji had left Kandagara for Navinar in V. S. 1845. Right from the time their heires are staying in Navinar. They were Jagirdar upto the last Inam Nabudi Dhara. Before these Jagirdar Jadeja families came to Navinar, castes like Jesaro, Chavda, Turk, Harijan were staying and numbers of Mahajan Families were very small staying in the village. The cast who came first to stay in Navinar was Vora. There were sevent to eight residents of Vora’s when Jadeja came to Navinar. They specially stayed at the location in the westside where at present Mahajan keeps their utensils. Atthat time besides Mahajan there were few families of Jadeja(we call Thakrai) and officers of Jagir(the Karbhari). Then from other villages, people came in the village of various castes like Gala, Pethod, Mota, cheda, Dharod, Buria and Dedhia. They were attracted to stay in Navinar due to their relatives who were staying in. Apart from the community Brahmins, Barots and people of other panth also came in. Nowadays this village is on the way of development. The people of the village are marching a head With the rhydham of people of world.

No sooner you get down from the bus of state transport, you will be the witness of a modern bus stand, protecting Comesters from hit,cold and rain. there is a very cool and refine water stand too. in the right side of bus stand you can see a newly constructed Dhobi Ghat for ladies. again in right side walking towards in side of the village, your eyes will be witnessed of modern dispensary, Mahila udyog griha and chabutara , a house of multiple activites. There is Mandap of trees Ashopalav and various flower plants to Welcomes you in the vicinity. Exactly infornt of this house there is a school building . Girls school and school building along with Gram Panchayat office, Library and reading room (Vanchanalaya) also within.

See the beauty of nature. There is a lake in front of this School building in the north side of the lake there is a water supply system, a well is fill with sweet and cold water, a pump house Which fetch the water in the big water tank, through which the people of whole village is getting water by tap. Towards south side of the lake there are raw of seven Banyan trees (Vad) with their Strong and long branches though there are eleven trees of Banyan but seven of them are in a raw which creates a beautiful picture of the village. In its south side there is facility of drinking water for animals and prirds, it is a good constructed grounded water tank .( we call in kutchi ) . There is old water tank also in that direction. there is a public Bathroom near by that old water tank, near by north there are stand maks of marityrs . in the south direction of its there is lord Hanuman Temple and same direction there is a place of Shri jeshalpir Dada. Again in same direction towards south there are localities of jesar, Chavda Vadher And the cast like Barot.

In the direction of East-North of the stoned marked of marityrs there is a temple of lord Shiva. In the east side of the temple there is a Rest House of ancient times to whom We call “Dharmashala”. In the same direction towards village there is a Dargha of Ronakshah pir, Who once saved the village. In the direction of the north there is entrance of Darbar Gadh. In the same direction there is Thakar Mandir. Towards the main gate of Darbar Gadh there is a place of Ambhai Mataji the Godess of vora community.the place in which the vtensils mahajan stores is also just nearby it. In the north of Ambhai Matajis Sthanak , there is derasar of lord Shri Shantinath Prabhu. In the same direction in north main chok of the village is there. nearby it in west direction there is a sthanak of sthanakvasi, Aathkothi Moti Paksha.

Exactly in the north side of the hospital and chabutara building, While entering in the village, at the second street there is Sthanak of Sthankavasi Aath koti Nani paksha and its left side there are new buildings for Ayambil and Bhajanshala in the north direction ot these buildings while stepping in to a street towards east, we can see ultra-modern residential building there is Navinaar Branch Post Office. Again Procced in the east from there we can see Mahajan wadi there are residential complex of Harijan and the Mahajan population is staying center of village.

As the population of Mahajan in local is reduced , there are no new constructions inside or outside the village. It resulted in no more development of Navinar village.

The village is administered by Gram Panchayat Since 18 years it collects revenue and property tax and perform services like Education, Protection of village and Senitation. The village is very much dependent on Agriculture Products.

Thanks to new inventions, the navinar village was electrified early in V.S. 2015. Each and every house and farms were lightened. In V.S. 2029 Roads of the village got light, at present From every street light polls, Bulbs had been removed and tube light have been taken place . While Switches an at night the village floods by light .

In 1979 the village was connected by Telephone Services.

Total Population of Navinar village is approximately of 1831 of which 1231 population is of Mahajan. Approximate 258 Mahajan people satying in local, Others are 600, it makes total population of local residings is of 858. total residents are 336 out of which 150 residence of mahajans, 36 of Harijan and 150of others Apart from mahajan in village the Jadeja, Jesar, charda, Sodha, Barot,Vagher, Turk Mohmedian, Brahmin, Harijan and others are staying almost.